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TAA is a professional voluntary accountancy association registered on 03rd January, 1983 under the Societies Ordinance as a Member’s representative body of all professional Accountant(s) and aspiring Accountant(s) registered and working in Tanzania.

The association is aimed at uniting the Accountants, protect the interests of the Accountants and promoting the accountancy profession in the country.  TAA envisioned to become a world class professional accountancy institution; and mission to provide services to and on behalf of its Members in various sectors aimed at facilitating their professional and social development and promoting public confidence in the services provided.

[anps_featured link_target=”_self” icon=”fas fa-chart-line” style=”” lightbox=”true” title=”FINANCIAL SERVICES CONSULTING” image_u=”6148″]TAA Advises financial-services companies, payments providers, private-equity firms, and the public sector on corporate governance, strategy, enterprise agility, operational efficiency, risk management and regulation.[/anps_featured]
[anps_featured link_target=”_self” icon=”fas fa-landmark” style=”” title=”TRAINING” image_u=”6154″]We seek to partner with different stakeholders such as Banks, Micro-finance, Business owners, Insurance companies, Revenue Authorities etc and put forward the value for an Accountant/Auditor.[/anps_featured]
[anps_featured link_target=”_self” icon=”fab fa-odnoklassniki” style=”” title=”COOPERATION” image_u=”6150″]We cooperate with Accountants and Accounting firms by giving connections with other members in different localities, offices and different business.

We also cooperate with big institutions which are seeking for Accountant experts in the country and assist them as we have a database for all accountants in the country.[/anps_featured]

[anps_featured link_target=”_self” icon=”fas fa-handshake” style=”” title=”PARTNERSHIP” image_u=”6155″ button_text=”READ MORE”]We partner with the Government and Government organizations sch as TRA to train the Machinga and Small business to help them grow their business and understand the importance of paying Tax.[/anps_featured]
[anps_featured link_target=”_self” icon=”far fa-address-card” style=”” lightbox=”true” title=”MEMBERSHIP SERVICES” image_u=”6152″]TAA  provides an expanding array of services at discounted cost, including publications relevant to accountancy profession, access to education courses and other useful, cost effective benefits.[/anps_featured]
[anps_featured link_target=”_self” icon=”fas fa-skating” style=”” title=”TECHNICAL SUPPORT ON GRADUATES” image_u=”6156″ button_text=”READ MORE”]TAA assists young graduates with basic accounting skills while they are waiting for employment. On becoming members, they get access to TAA connections, reference and access to relevant information including a technical resource library, discussion forums and other useful downloads.[/anps_featured]

Faida za Wanachama walioko Vyuoni

Kupewa vyeti vya uwanachama kwa kila mwanafunzi atakaejiunga na chama.

Faida #1

Kupata mafunzo yakayotolewa na chama hasa yakuweza kukidhi mabadiliko ya kiteknolojia na kupatiwa vyeti.

Faida #2

Kuwaunganisha na kuwaombea nafasi za kujitolea katika taasis mbali mbali hasa viwanda vidogo ili wapate uzoefu.

Faida #3

Kuwaunganisha na kupatiwa mafunzo ya vitendo ya biashara za mitandao (e-business).

Faida #4

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[testimonials style=”style-1″ testimonialheading=”Testimonials”][testimonial user_name=”Placidius Rwechungura” user_name_subtitle=”Founder and CEO, Lockminds” image_u=”6197″]Tumeweza kupata mtaalamu wa kutufanyia mahesabu ya kampuni yetu kupitia uongozi wa TAA. Walituunganisha na mtaalamu wa mahesabu kwa ajili ya kampuni yetu ambayo ndiyo ilikuwa inaanza mwaka 2018. Tuliweza kuwakilisha mahesabu yetu na malipo TRA kwa muda[/testimonial][testimonial user_name=”Edner Massawe” user_name_subtitle=”Accountant, Lockminds Co. Ltd” image_u=”6198″]We have gained enough practical experience before employment after being registered as TAA graduates Accountants[/testimonial][testimonial user_name=”Frank Honest” user_name_subtitle=”Finca Microfinance Bank” image_u=”6199″]Finca as a financial institution has worked with TAA and has appreciated the way they work with Entrepreneurs by assisting them to manage their small businesses and grow them.[/testimonial][/testimonials]