A Two Day Seminar

Tanzania Association of Accountants (TAA) is pleased to announce a two day Seminar
to be done on 12th and 13th December 2019 at Premier Palace Hotel in Arusha
1. Budgetary Charges (TAX and LEVY) Implication on Business environment in light of finance act 2019/20
2. Taxation for charitable organization
3. Planning and budgeting for NGO’s
4. Value for Money Analysis
5. Introduction to international public sector accounting Standards
6. Key International public sector Accounting standards applicable to NGO’s

TAA, Clouds Media and TRA announces a seminar on the following topics:-

  • Budgetary Changes (Tax and Levy) implications on business environment insight of finance Act 2019/2020
  • New Tax laws and changes affecting private sector
  • New Tax laws and changes affecting NGO’s
  • Customs Modernization
  • Withholding Tax on Services and Goods

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TAA is a professional voluntary accountancy association registered on 03rd January, 1983 under the Societies Ordinance as a Member’s representative body of all professional Accountant(s) and aspiring Accountant(s) registered and working in Tanzania.