About TAA

TAA is a professional voluntary accountancy association registered on 03rd January, 1983 under the Societies Ordinance as a Member’s representative body of all professional Accountant(s) and aspiring Accountant(s) registered and working in Tanzania.

The association is aimed at uniting the Accountants, protect the interests of the Accountants and promoting the accountancy profession in the country.  TAA envisioned to become a world class professional accountancy institution; and mission to provide services to and on behalf of its Members in various sectors aimed at facilitating their professional and social development and promoting public confidence in the services provided.

Currently TAA has a total number of 349 Member(s). Membership in association is classified into 2 main categories of full membership and non-full membership. Full membership is sub divided into 2 parts of: Individual membership of associates and fellows  – these are determined by professional qualifications, years of working experience and professional contribution; and Institutional membership which is sub divided into accountancy firms, training institutions, professional associations & students associations. Non full membership, this is sub divided into: provisional associates, semiprofessional accountants, accounting technicians and honorary membership.

TAA is governed by the Governing Council who’s Chairperson and Members are appointed by all Members in Annual General Meeting. There is Executive Committee which is accountable to the Governing Council and the following sub committees charged with specific functions: disciplinary, economic & fiscal committee, education & training, editorial & publications, membership and research and standing committee(s).


To become a world-class Professional-Accountancy Institution.


“To provide services to and on behalf of its members in various sectors including Public Sector, Institutions, Education Sector, Private Sector and Extractive and Services industries aimed at facilitating their professional and social development and promoting public confidence in our services.”


  • Professional Excellence
  • Integrity
  • Good Governance
  • Commitment to be Responsible
  • Innovation
  • Social Responsiveness

Classification of Membership

Members are classified into two categories, namely: Full Membership and Non-Full Membership.

Full Membership

TAA has two categories of Full Membership, namely: Individual Membership of Associates and Fellow members, who are determined by professional qualifications, years of experience and professional contributions.

Institution Membership of four groups, namely: Accountancy Firms, Training Institutions, Professional Associations and Students’ Associations.

Non- Full Membership

TAA has also three categories of Individual Non-Full Membership, namely: Provisional Associates, Semi Professional Accountants, Accounting Technicians and Honorary Members.

Membership Benefits

Professional Accountants and Aspiring Accountants who are members of TAA benefit in the following ways:

  • It is managed by democratically elected office bearers and each member has equal rights of voting and being elected into office.
  • Members have the opportunity of actively and fruitfully participating in the development of the Accountancy Profession through TAA’s continuing educating programmes at lower participation fees determined by members.
  • The members are continuously made aware of Local and International developments in the profession through their quarterly-released professional journal.
  • TAA appoints five members to represent her in the NBAA Board. Hence, through this representation, TAA has the opportunity of protecting members’ interests.



How to become a TAA Member

For one to become a TAA member, a member application Form is obtained from the TAA Secretariat and filled according to instructions with requisite certified copies of certificates attached thereto. The dully filled application form together with non-refundable registration fees of Tzs. 20,000/= are submitted to the Secretariat. After final approval for admission by Council, is notified and required to pay annual subscription, where the membership certificate is issued.

Current Developments in TAA

  1. Membership Expansion

We need to increase the membership from the current active 200 members to at least 1000.

  1. Recently we launched the TAA SACCOS, All members are allowed to join. The benefits of SACCOS business cannot be overemphasized.
  2. Next will be the Benevolent Fund, the objectives of which will be to raise and maintain a fund or funds, from donors and voluntary contributors, out of which it may grant assistance to members and students who are in need.
  3. We shall continue organizing low priced seminars, which will be affordable to most of our members, in order for them to accumulate the required CPE hours.


We call upon all Accountants and Auditors to join hands in the Tanzania Association of Accountants as members in order to have a strong forum for airing our views aimed at protecting the interests of Tanzanian Accountants and Auditors. The ultimate goal is to transform TAA into an Institute. In Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi they already have members’ institutes which perform regulatory role of their profession.


If you need more information about TAA contact Secretariat.

The Chief Executive Officer

Tanzania Association of Accountants

Mhasibu House, Bibi Titi Street

P.O.Box 459

Dar es Salaam

Telephone: +255 22 2151814

Mobile: 255 653 281 646

Email: info@taa.or.tz