The membership benefits include:

i) A career in Accounting profession can be enhanced by joining a professional Accounting Association like TAA;

ii) Individual professional growth and accreditation depend on Continued Professional Education (CPE) hour’s classes, TAA organized training sessions offers CPE hours recognized by National Board of Accountants & Auditors (NBAA);

iii) The association is managed democratically elected office bearers and each member has the rights to elect and be elected as office bearer;

iv) TAA appoints 4 members to represent Association into the NBAA Board; hence through this representation the Association’s represents and protect the interests of its members into country’s regulatory organ ie NBAA;

v) The Association promotes the skills, experience & values that members bring to their workplace;

vi) Industry Support – TAA is active in representing the views of all accounting through Government regulations, Industry discussions and other development issues in the country;

vii) TAA offers a range of training and professional development opportunities for accountants to enhance their professional career prospects and

viii) TAA website provides Members with access to relevant information including a technical resource library, discussion forums and other useful downloads regarding new development and updates in professional developments. Visit your Profile