About Tanzania Association of Accountants (TAA)

TAA is a professional voluntary accountancy association registered on 03rd January, 1983 under the Societies Ordinance as a Member’s representative body of all professional Accountant(s) and aspiring Accountant(s) registered and working in Tanzania.

The association is aimed at uniting the Accountants, protect the interests of the Accountants and promoting the accountancy profession in the country.  TAA envisioned to become a world class professional accountancy institution; and mission to provide services to and on behalf of its Members in various sectors aimed at facilitating their professional and social development and promoting public confidence in the services provided.


Currently TAA has a total number of 349 Member(s). Membership in association is classified into 2 main categories of full membership and non-full membership. Full membership is sub divided into 2 parts of: Individual membership of associates and fellows  – these are determined by professional qualifications, years of working experience and professional contribution; and Institutional membership which is sub divided into accountancy firms, training institutions, professional associations & students associations. Non full membership, this is sub divided into: provisional associates, semiprofessional accountants, accounting technicians and honorary membership.

TAA is governed by the Governing Council who’s Chairperson and Members are appointed by all Members in Annual General Meeting. There is Executive Committee which is accountable to the Governing Council and the following sub committees charged with specific functions: disciplinary, economic & fiscal committee, education & training, editorial & publications, membership and research and standing committee(s).

Why TAA?

Apart from working with Accountants in Tanzania, we link them with business and connect them with employment opportunities.

We link the society with professionals, i.e Linking Business Owners of all levels with a nearby Financial expert for assistance.

TAA differs with NBAA as follows:

  1. TAA is a voluntary professional association registered under Societies Ordinance in 1983 started its operations from 02nd January, 1983; whereas NBAA is a regulatory body established by Act No. 33 of Parliament in 1973 commenced its operations from 15th January, 1972;
  2. NBAA is a Government institution under the Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning hence its serves the interests of the Government while TAA is owned by Members and taking care interests of Members;
  3. NBAA is headed by Executive Director implementing Governing Board directives while TAA Governing Council directives are managed by Executive committee through permanent secretariat;
  4. NBAA is an examination body for the accountancy profession qualifications while TAA is not examining institution;
  5. TAA is represented by 5 Members in NBAA Governing Board while NBAA has no representatives in TAA Governing Council;
  6. TAA allows membership from foreign employees working in the country permanently while NBAA while NBAA enroll them on temporary basis; and
  7. Fees charged by NBAA are mandatory while TAA fees are not mandatory rather than token to facilitate running of day to day activities of the association in achieving the overall objectives of the association.

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