25 Nov 2017

Local Government Accountability Seminar

This historical event was officially established from 22-24th November 2017, at Kambarage Hall-Hazina Square in Dodoma Municipal. The Seminar attended by Mayors, Districts and Municipals Chairpersons and Chief Executives/Directors, LGA Treasurers, Head of Human Resources, Head of Internal Audit, and Procurement Specialists. The Seminar was graced by Guest of Honor Minister of State, President’s Office Regional Administration and Local Government, Hon. Selemani Jaffo (MP), who delivered tremendous speech to Participants of the Seminar.


Apart from Guest of Honor, the Seminar was attended by Kondoa DC Ms. Sezaria Makota who represented Dodoma RC, ALAT Acting Secretary General, Mr. Abdallah S. Ngodu, delegates from NBAA, Mr. Angyelile Tende – Manager Technical Services, Accountant/Consultant CPA. (T) Yona S. Kilagane and other Individuals.


2018 this historic event has taken place again from from 29-30th October, at Institute of Rural Development Planning in Dodoma Municipal. The Seminar consisted of Mayors/Chairpersons, Executive Directors, Treasurers, Chief Internal Auditors and Procurement Officers. The Seminar beginning by motivation speech from Guest of Hon. (Accountant General) Mr. Francis Mwakipalila who delivered impressive speech to participants.


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